Joomla Website Development

Joomla! Is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS), which Indieweb uses to build beautiful, up to standard websites with a wide range of capabilities such as :

eCommerce websites
Manage your own products in your website and sell them online.
Business directory websites
Create an online business directory advertising various companies.
Reservation system websites
Do you have a guest house or restaurant? Why not let your clients place a booking online.
  • Communication websites
  • Interact with your website visitors through real time chat communication and private messaging.
    Forum websites
    Set up a online forum website, create and answer questions, set up polls.
    Magazine websites
    Place your magazine online for your clients to browse through.

    You might have heard of other CMS platforms such as Wordpress, one of the most widely used CMS services, though most Wordpress features are superficial and has numerous security weaknesses whereas Joomla! is a more reliable and advanced choice of CMS platform for a business.

    Wordpress is always an option however at Indieweb we believe Joomla! is the better option having better security, benefits and features.

    More and more businesses these days are turning toward Content Management Systems which allows them to easily publish new content or modify existing content on their website without having to contact the web development company to do it for them.

    The Joomla CMS is one of the most popular website management tools available and Indieweb has been using it for 7 years building various types of websites.

    All Indieweb websites are built with the latest security release of Joomla! And we keep our websites up to date as there are regular security releases from the Joomla! development community.

    Indieweb also offers maintenance services to current websites or upgrades from lower versions of a Joomla! built website to the latest security release.

    Joomla Website Support Services

    Service Pricing
    5 Hours Support Package R2100.00
    10 Hours Support Package R4100.00
    Joomla Website Health / Security Check and Review R1500.00
    Unhack Joomla Website from R1000.00
    Once Off Support R480.00 per hour
    Joomla Security/Maintenance Release Upgrades from R480.00

    Joomla Website Development Services

    Service Pricing
    Custom Joomla Template Development from R480.00 per hour
    Joomla Template Overrides from R240.00
    Joomla Component / Plugin / Module Development from R995.00
    Joomla Component / Plugin / Module Customization from R480.00
    Premium Template Customisation and Configuration from R480.00 (within the confines of the template)

    Joomla Website Migration Services

    Service Pricing
    Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 Entry level Joomla migration from R3599.00
    Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 Full Joomla migration from R5999.00
    Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 3 from R3595.00

    Design Services

    Service Pricing
    Graphics Manipulation and Custom Banners R480.00 per hour
    Graphic Creation R480.00 per hour
    Resizing Of Images R25.00 per image
    Slideshow/Banner graphic modification R25.00 per image *not including price for image if image is bought from stock library.
    Newsletter Template Design from R999.00
    Newsletter Template PDF to HTML from R1999.00
    Logo Design from R1499.00

    Web Hosting Services

    Package Details Pricing
    Starter 600 MB Disk Space, Uncapped Bandwidth, 5 Email Accounts R25.00 per month
    Standard 2 GB Disk Space, Uncapped Bandwidth, 25 Email Accounts R45.00 per month
    Full 4 GB Disk Space, Uncapped Bandwidth, 75 Email Accounts R65.00 per month
    Super 10 GB Disk Space, Uncapped Bandwidth, 200 Email Accounts R75.00 per month
    Ultimate 20 GB Disk Space, Uncapped Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts R100.00 per month
    * Web Hosting Packages do not include domain name registration


    Some of the features our websites offer

    Manage Your Content

    Manage Your Content

    We create websites where you can manage your content, update text content, upload photo galleries and post blog news articles.
    Content Management System Training

    Content Management System Training

    We will train you in how to manage your website yourself and offer future support if you need help or a refresher on what you have learned.
    Mobile Device Management

    Mobile Device Management

    Manage your website on the go on your Android or Apple Devices.
    Contact Form Setup

    Contact Form Setup

    We build contact forms which suit your business needs, collecting the information you need.

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